Everyone feels stress, everyone suffers. Thank goodness for meditation!


Everyone gets stressed out, even the “experts.”

How do you think they became so adept in the first place? They needed what meditation had to offer so much that they made a concerted effort to practice it. Meditation teachers are not superhuman, unless by superhuman you mean “even more subject to the frailties and flaws of being human.” They’ve been in the same place we all have, and they’ve survived in no small part because of their meditation practice.

So take heart: if they can do it, so can you. You have the very same ingredients in your being that they do, all the elements necessary to pursue a beneficial meditation practice and lead a mindful and compassionate life. Buddhists might say that we all have the same essential Buddha-nature inside us and, therefore, the same potential to achieve enlightenment.

All of us suffer and all of us desire to be free of suffering. That’s all that is necessary to begin meditating and for meditation to bear fruit.

Along those lines, here’s an article from Pooma Bell of Huffington Post titled, “What Does The Founder Of Meditation App ‘Headspace’ Do When He Gets Stressed Out?

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  1. I really need to give this a try. I find that there are so many toxic people and situations I get faced with and so many disappointing people surrounding me and my loved ones that I have to learn to “let it flow off my back.” Otherwise, “my back” is constantly killing me from the stress.

    • Thanks for your comments, Elyse. There was a time when I was determined to let everything flow off, but I found that that’s all I was doing and, as a result, I never dealt with any of those things. The just accumulated elsewhere like a pile of nuclear waste that ended up harming me anyway. What I try my best to do is to notice the things that cause me suffering, notice them at least briefly, and then let them go. Kind of like a book mark or using a highlighter to remind myself to come back later for a closer look.

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